Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A house hunting we will go...

On Tuesday night we went out on yet another searching adventure and this time we at least found somethings that sparked our interest.  In fact there is one home in particular that could use some work but would provide the right amount of home improvement projects for the hubby.  We like it but we are still interested in exploring some more homes.

This time has provided us with some really great opportunities for some really open and honest discussions and I've really enjoyed this extra time we've been spending together planning OUR future.  I guess it's reminiscent of wedding planning, spending time figure out what's next!

We are heading out again tomorrow night to check out a few more places and then we are taking it easy over the weekend.  For one thing we don't want to exhaust all the listings, our FR (fabulous Realtor) or ourselves and we have a best friends Birthday festivities to attend as well as an out of town friend coming for a visit.  So  a busy weekend will provide some time to rest, think and evaluate everything we've seen!

1 comment:

  1. i am that out of town friend! SO EXCITED!
    and yay for finding cool houses and projects. a full update will be required when i arrive xx