Saturday, September 24, 2011

Healing and Moving Forward

First up the Nose News.  Last Wednesday I had my surgery to set my nose and it was really successful.  I did not have an adverse reaction to the anesthesia (I have not had experience with anesthesia in the past and my mother has an extremely bad reaction therefore, I was afraid I may also react poorly) and the whole process was rather quick.  It also helped that they got me in a full hour and a half early, meaning I left the surgery center when I was originally scheduled to to arrive!  I did get to wear a ridiculously awesome nose cast for 5 days and then the doctor removed it earlier this week.  Now I wait the 5-6 weeks for it to heal completely.  I can feel a bump from where it is broken but I think overall my nose looks good, and is essentially the same as it was before.

Here I am, awesome cast and all at a wedding last weekend!

And now onto the House Hunt...we found out on Tuesday the 20th that the bank decided to go with the other group's offer on the house.  And while it was a little disappointing to hear, it was nice to finally get some sort of answer.  Now we know that we really need to be looking at others houses seriously and by going through this process we were yet again able to evaluate what we really want from a house.  By doing this we realized that we were willing to raise our price ceiling a bit to get a bit more for our money.  So today we are heading out with our FR to look at some new places and we are both so excited.  I am feeling really positive about to day and I think there is the potential to truly find "THE" house today.

Wish us luck! 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Negotiating with the bank is about as much fun as breaking your nose!

And sadly both have happened in the last few days since I posted. On the house front, the bank decided to counter our offer on Wednesday. We told them that they already asked for our biggest and best and that our offer would remain the same. As of Friday the bank had said they may accept some other offers and we let them know that our offer stands through Tuesday and then we will reevaluate. We love this house but we are not willing to go 10 to 15k over market price to get it. Please keep your fingers crossed that they bank decides our offer really is the best out there and that we can come to mutual acceptance soon!

In other news, aside from the house, I broke my nose last weekend. I was out wake surfing with some friends when I biffed it sending the board into the wake, the the wake rolled over me causing the board to punch me in the face. Luckily I did not need stitches for the open wound on the outside, but after visiting an ENT on Thursday we found out that I will need surgery to set it. The doctor told me I'd be much happier to be under slight sedation than to have them do it in office. Apparently one can't really have their nose numbed and since they have to manually shift the bones over surgery will be far less painful!

Currently we are spending time with family, waiting on the bank, and waiting for my surgery on Wednesday!   

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Umm still waiting

After the bank received our offer on Tuesday they decided to open things up to a multi bid situation. Meaning we now had to give our biggest and best offer by 9am Friday. So we met with our FR on Wednesday to put in our final offer. We left that evening trying to be realistic about the fact that we likely would not hear back from the bank until Friday at the earliest, but then we recalled that Monday is Larbor Day meaning that Tuesday is the more probable day.

Low and behold we heard nothing either way yesterday, so here we are waiting until Tuesday.  Keep your fingers crossed that we hear something early Tuesday.

To make this waiting game worse, our downstairs neighbors were extremely loud last night, slamming doors and stomping around which happens frequently. Then this morning they were playing their music exceptionally loud and were stomping around so much it was shaking our apartment. So we called the front office to file a noise complain and they didn't answer, so we called our first response security to leave the same complaint. Clearly they talked to our neighbors because they maturely responded by pounding on the ceiling/our floor,stomping around, opening the windows, turning up the music full blast, vaccuuming, and slamming the door over and over again. We called the front office again and no one answered. So irritating! Eventually they gave up and left for the day, but the whole experience was so pointless, be respectful people!

We need a house!