Saturday, September 3, 2011

Umm still waiting

After the bank received our offer on Tuesday they decided to open things up to a multi bid situation. Meaning we now had to give our biggest and best offer by 9am Friday. So we met with our FR on Wednesday to put in our final offer. We left that evening trying to be realistic about the fact that we likely would not hear back from the bank until Friday at the earliest, but then we recalled that Monday is Larbor Day meaning that Tuesday is the more probable day.

Low and behold we heard nothing either way yesterday, so here we are waiting until Tuesday.  Keep your fingers crossed that we hear something early Tuesday.

To make this waiting game worse, our downstairs neighbors were extremely loud last night, slamming doors and stomping around which happens frequently. Then this morning they were playing their music exceptionally loud and were stomping around so much it was shaking our apartment. So we called the front office to file a noise complain and they didn't answer, so we called our first response security to leave the same complaint. Clearly they talked to our neighbors because they maturely responded by pounding on the ceiling/our floor,stomping around, opening the windows, turning up the music full blast, vaccuuming, and slamming the door over and over again. We called the front office again and no one answered. So irritating! Eventually they gave up and left for the day, but the whole experience was so pointless, be respectful people!

We need a house!

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