Saturday, November 19, 2011

House, house we've got a house!

We're back to blogging and the reason we took such a hiatus was that after we were outbid on the first home, we decided to keep to ourselves about the process. Originally, we thought it would be nice to have a space to talk about the ups and downs but when you're in a down moment, it's hard to write about it and remain positive.

Here's a quick recap to explain what happened between the end of September and now.

- After we decided to raise our price point we found a great little gem of a house in North Kirkland.  It was a short sale but we feel in love anyway, we put in an offer, end up in a second mutli-bid, lost to the other couple and then felt really down on our luck. Then we looked at house after house and none of them were right.

- Our FR told us not to be discouraged so we headed out for another full Saturday of house searching and still nothing!  The next day, Sunday we noticed that a house in the same neighborhood had just been listed for sale and we asked our FR to take us out there the same day.

- When we got to the house, we were picking up some good vibrations and as soon as we looked around, we knew that this was the place we wanted to make our home!  But just to make sure we weren't jumping the gun, we went home, thought about and then let our FR know we wanted to put in an offer right away.

- After some of the normal back and forth between buyer and seller, we came to mutual acceptance and before we knew it we were getting the inspection done, getting our finances approved and leaving work early to sign papers at the Escrow office!

- And then on Sunday we did a final walk through and on Monday we got the keys!!!!  On Friday, Jon took the day off work and hired some movers to get the big stuff from the apartment to the house and that very night, we stayed in our new home for the first time!

This house isn't perfect by any means and there will be lots of room from improvements, however it's not a true fixer-upper.  We could move in and not change a thing, but that's not us.  We already decided to de-popcorn the ceilings as our first project, but more on that later. Now that we have our nest, this blog will focus on our projects big, small and anywhere in between!  So we'll leave you with this for now and be ready for some new updates soon!

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