Monday, April 11, 2011

Just working on my timing...

I really and truly do have every intention of keeping this going... so here's me getting back into the swing of things!

We had a wonderful weekend which started out with a trip to Best Buy to buy a new router.  Ours was so bad we were resetting it at least once a day.  But the awesome thing about this new router is that we can connect our GIGANTIC (as in its physical size) external hard drive (which holds an impressive 150 gigs) so that we can transfer things to it wirelessly.  Which means we can move big and important things like wedding photos and music to it.  And all this in turn guarantees that my computer will keep working so that I can blog it up with all you fine folks!

As far as a house goes nothing new has happened on that front.  But that's ok at this point in the game it's still about saving!  We did take a walk through a few nights ago to see what kinds of homes are available in our price range around these parts and I think we will be able to find something we love, something that we can turn into our own little cozy place to hang our hats every night!

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