Sunday, April 3, 2011

Practicing our Home Improvement Skills

Today was a completely productive day.  We started off by meeting our friends Ben and Alyssa (also read as friends who have a car that is bigger than ours and therefore able to transport larger loads) at Home Depot.

We bought a new bed at the beginning of the year.  A new, fancy king sized one where two people and two cats can sleep comfortably the whole night through.  Anyway the bed we bought is a captained bed which is excellent for two big reasons 1: it has a ton of storage (we're talking drawers on the sides and at the end of the bed and in the headboard itself) and 2: because it's raised up we didn't have to buy a box spring (which can cost quite a bit)!

The only small downside to a captained bed is that it requires a bed board, something to lay on top of the slated boards so your mattress doesn't sink through.  We however didn't opt to buy a bed board while at Mor Furniture because they were rather expensive and thought it to be more economical to purchase plywood at Home Depot and slide it under the mattress ourselves.  All in all a great idea...except our only vehicle Cecelia "the white lightning" (a 2000 Dodge stratus) couldn't fit the two boards we needed.  So we waited until our dear friends had a free day in their weekend (and in the mean time we also procured a Home Depot gift card) and then got the boards we needed.  Jon took it upon himself to round the edges of the boards with a jig saw before we put them in!  So now they are in and we can't wait to see how our sleep goes tonight!

***SIDE NOTE: I am still getting used to this blog thing so of course no photos were taken of the bed boards...but I am working on it!

Besides getting the bed boards in, we also did a little patch work on our Kitty Towehave r in the living room.  We got it for our kitties, Chewbacca and Wicket, during Christmas 2009 and there is one area in particular that they have scratched so much that the carpet was completely torn and it exposed the wood underneath!  Not only was it ugly but the kitties have since resorted to scratching other the couch!  So with a little rope and some staple gun action we were able to patch it right up!

Here is Wicket modeling the new and improved tower!

And lastly, we always end up putting our coats on the dining room chairs instead of back in the coat closet where they belong.  To solve this dilemma, Jon bought an official coat rack while I was gone on vacation.  He waited until I was back so we could jointly decide where it should go.  I pulled out the ole stud finder, located studs near where we wanted the rack and then helped Jon with the level.  We screwed in the rack and are oh so happy to have a home for our coats (or at least a more convenient one than the coat closet)!

And as you can see we also found a home for one of the wedding gifts from my sister!

We both couldn't stop smiling all day as we were so elated to be doing some things for ourselves around here.  It also helped solidify our joint desire for a home of our own and we can't wait to tackle more hands on projects in the (hopefully) not too distant future!


  1. The coat rack looks great. Especially with the sign above it. Hope you had the sleep of your dreams with the improved bed, too.